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The MBA with AVIATION (Master of Business Administration) will give you a solid establishment expected to prevail in the present Aviation condition. Intended to accentuate the use of present day administration ideas, techniques, and apparatuses inside a flight setting, you will appreciate every one of the open doors made accessible to MBA with AVIATION student with an additional upper hand of spent significant time in the Aviation field. We IIAAM Bangalore, the first Aviation College in Bangalore is designed this program syllabus to develop advanced information and technology to our Students to challenge the present global job environment.

MBA with Aviation – Programs

Procuring a Master degree is an incredible choice for somebody who truly needs to work in a specific field of study. The additional degree will frequently be the thing that tips the scales for one candidate over another. Our response to the developing training needs in this unique field is a custom-made and universally situated study program.

What is MBA with Aviation?

Among the MBA programs that spend significant time specifically regions, those with an emphasis on aeronautics are especially appealing to understudies who are captivated by flight. Alumni from these projects work in all business parts of the field by staying up to date with complex directions, developing innovations and evolving socioeconomics. Powered by their energy and floated by their training, they are the motor of the airplane business.

Alongside fundamental business classes, these projects centre around industry-particular methods of insight, for example, the thought that wellbeing runs as one with benefit. Graduates are at the front line of making that specific work. What’s more, student pick up a firm handle of important phrasing and ideas. Outfitted with this information, they end up popular by organizations around the world. Pay rates for graduates are commonly in the six-figure run, with abnormal state administration regularly making significantly more.

Position after MBA with AVIATION

Upon MBA with AVIATION graduation, student may apply for an extensive variety of positions, including Business Manager, Financial Planning Analyst, Commercial Account Manager, Consulting Manager, Crew Planning and Analysis Manager, Human Resources Manager, Director of Network and Capacity Planning and Project Manager. These employments are accessible around the world, so students may look for some kind of employment in their nations of origin, or they may seek after a chance to live abroad.


Bangalore University will award MBA Certificate to the student with T& T Diploma from TISS or IATA