IIAAM FOUNDATION Top Aviation college India

IIAAM (Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies)  top Aviation College in Bangalore, a nonprofit organization through the collective expertise of its members, plays a pivotal role in the advancement of Degree, Engineering, Medical and Management programs along with Aviation, Diplomas in various disciplines and Certificate programs that represent all segments of various industries. We, IIAAM (Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies) the top Aviation College in Bangalore is promoting Aviation, Engineering Medical, and Management study programs to meet the shortage of professionals in the respective industry throughout International job market.

IIAAM (Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies) top Aviation College in Bangalore, intend to have more than 500 members, including accredited colleges, Airport and Airline professionals, Airlines, Airports and allied sectors. The organization and its members are poised to help IIAAM students to meet the ever-changing needs of their chosen industry and address the challenges of the 21st century. The unparalleled training given by our IIAAM members would make every IIAAM student stand out of the crowd.

WHAT did WE do?

IIAAM  (Institute of Indian Aviation and Allied Management Studies) intends to work as an Association, with accredited colleges, including leading educators, Airline and Airport Professionals, and major players of Aviation, Hospital and IT industry for the basic and permanent benefit to students. At IIAAM, we understand that just a basic degree would not help a student to land his dream job. So, we at IIAAM in collaboration with our IIAAM members and accredited colleges, collectively train the students in each and every area of their chosen elective apart from their basic degree and mold them into becoming industry professionals.

For example(In Aviation industry, the basic qualification required for the Cabin Crew, Pilots and Customer Care executives is Higher Secondary level certificate.But when they want to advance in their career, they need a degree.And going back to college for a professional degree after 8-10 years of career is really hard and when they quit flying it will be difficult for them to break into anything. At IIAAM, students can do their regular degree, at the same time they could get certifications in their area of interest like Aviation, Software, Language, Communication skills etc., With IIAAM, we can  foresee a new generation of youth, graduating from colleges each year, with a thorough knowledge and basic understanding of the aviation and other industries and its social, and economic influences upon living standards will, establish an informed public opinion on current job market which will go far forward eliminating many wrong aspects of the present day problems which beset any industry. IIAAM is dedicated to promoting education and training in Aviation and allied Management sectors with a vision of creating a pool of industry ready and domain-specific professionals combining all levels of excellence so as to benefit both the students as well as the industry.  We are committed to providing high-quality, internationally competitive education and training, founded on high academic standards, cutting-edge research, and productive partnerships with leading Airports and Airlines throughout the world.

The courses of IIAAM are designed to meet the unparalleled requirement for the professionally trained workforce that has contemporary knowledge of the aviation sector.Today, many companies including airlines prefer candidates with a graduation and professionally trained background in at least one field of expertise. At IIAAM, the curriculum is designed to improve the student’s personal skills, e.g. team association and decision-making skills. There is great demand for dynamic and educated leaders and managers to control logistics, management and aviation business of the industry. Our programs mainly aim to bridge the gap between the increasing demands of the industry & professionals with the comprehensive knowledge of the chosen field.